What is MID BRAlN Activation (MBA) course. for Whom & why?

MBA is a scientific method to balance the left and right part or the brain, including enhancing intuition capability, which lays in the right brain, in the process the children, develops the capability to do things with their EYEs Closed. This MBA workshop is for children between the age of 5 to 15 years. Most or 1he Brain cells are in hibernate condition, if not timely developed, their brain cells will start aging after 15 yrs, which makes the activation challenging. After the workshop the child will develop blindfold reading abilities, improved memory, concentration, confidence & creativity makes one emotionally balanced, which helps them to produce physical results.

Benefits of this course:

* Develops concentration ( Learn faster)
* Expands Memory Power (Recall when needed)
* Enriches Intuition (Proper Decisions)
* Develops Super Sense
* Creativity
* Confidence

Midbrain activation training is one that is able to activate the brain waves called alpha-theta in a child, where these waves are able to activate the super intuition, and this is directly proven. What makes it interesting, exciting is to make the child Read, Write, Paint and do some activities with his/her eyes closed.

The children are able to read and do anything with eyes closed, such as guessing a card, color, reading a newspaper's headline, guessing something inside a closed box, guessing something behind a wall, walking/cycling/ shooting with eyes closed, playing games on a PC with eyes closed, etc.

Mid Brain Activation or ESP Enhancement program has recently been spreading well all across the world. Generally speaking, the countries already conducting brain activation are: Japan, India, Singapore, Russia, Tibet, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ceylon, Australia, Thailand, China, Hongkong, and many other countries to follow. Japan has in fact conducted the research for 40 years. Other countries all apply scientific method (with technology).

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